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We have been hand making world class Surgical Instruments since 1977, and believe in giving our customers uncompromising quality. Used by leading surgeons worldwide, our products deliver outstanding performance time after time. Our product range is covered by the following guarantees: -



Surgical Instruments manufactured by Platts & Nisbett have a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. They are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a minimum of 5 years. 

In the unlikely event that any instrument is found to be unsatisfactory in normal use within 5 years of purchase it will be refurbished or replaced free of charge. This guarantee does not cover products which have become defective through misuse, neglect, or repair by other companies. Please refer to our Manufacturer’s Instructions for cleaning and sterilising to ensure our Surgical Instruments are reprocessed correctly.

A high quality reusable surgical instrument is an investment; it will serve you well for many years to come. Choose Platts & Nisbett Surgical Instruments for 5 Years Peace of Mind.

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We offer a unique Free Lifetime Sharpening Guarantee for hospitals using Orthopaedic Instruments (Osteotomes, Chisels and Gouges) manufactured by Platts & Nisbett. There is no catch, we simply like to keep our Surgical Instruments in the best condition, at zero cost to our customers! 

We aim to carry out the work within 24-48 Hours. This fast turnaround time ensures the instruments are not out of the operating theatre for too long.

Platts & Nisbett Orthopaedic Instruments covered by this guarantee are easily identified; they are laser marked with our Free Lifetime Sharpening Logo.

To keep our instruments in the best condition we recommend that all sharpening is carried out by our Company. Using Platts & Nisbett (the Original Manufacturer) ensures that both the original 5-Year Warranty and Free Lifetime Sharpening Guarantee remain valid.

Instruments which have been misused, modified or repaired by another company will not be covered by these guarantees.