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Sheffield Shoulder & Elbow Revision Kit

Sheffield Shoulder & Elbow Revision Kit

Platts & Nisbett work with surgeons to build long lasting partnerships for the future. By using their clinical expertise and our manufacturing knowledge we can bring ideas to life, producing surgical instruments of the highest standard. This service was of interest to Mr David Stanley and Mr Deepthi Nandan Adla (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), who contacted us regarding a new Shoulder and Elbow Revision Kit they wished to develop.

During our initial meeting Mr Stanley explained the current problems being encountered, as there were no instruments specifically made for Shoulder and Elbow Revision surgery. Existing instruments were awkward, as they were originally designed for Hip & Knee Surgery. Therefore due to the relatively large size, they were difficult to use as they restricted his vision. However there was nothing else available.

Our manufacturing knowledge and craftsmanship offered a solution to this problem. Throughout a series of meetings we shared ideas and developed the Sheffield Shoulder & Elbow Revision Kit. By being able to see and feel the prototypes the surgeons could visualise how the instruments would be used, and offer valuable input during the manufacturing stage.

Here's what Mr David Stanley has to say,

"Revision shoulder and elbow arthroplasty surgery is demanding and time consuming. Removal of cement from the humeral shaft and proximal ulna can be difficult due to the relatively small size of the intramedullary canals and the limited visualisation that is possible when instruments are used within these cavities.

In Sheffield, in conjunction with Platts & Nisbett we have produced a series of small chisels and cement splitters with offset handles that allow an improved view of the intramedullary canal during the cement removal process. In addition we have also designed ring curettes, cement extraction hooks and cement plug removers, all of which facilitate the safe and effective removal of cement and preparation of the bony canal. The combination of these instruments as a single set should provide the shoulder and elbow surgeon with greater confidence when undertaking difficult revision procedures."

This kit is manufactured exclusively by Platts & Nisbett, and is proving popular with Upper Limb Surgeons around the country.

Please contact us for more information if you would like to give it a try.